Nevada Car Accident Lawyer Group

Our attorneys will fight aggressively, professionally, and endlessly for your rights.

If you were involved in an auto accident, were injured, and were found to be not at fault, we will fight for maximum compensation for you.

Attentive and Personal Legal Representation

Nevada Car Accident Lawyer Group offers legal representation by personal injury attorneys specializing in auto accident cases. 

  • Car Accident Lawyer
  • Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Bike Accident Lawyer
  • Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
  • Bus Accident Lawyer
  • Dog Bite Lawyer
  • Train Accident Lawyer
  • Boat Accident Lawyer
  • Auto Accident Lawyer
  • Semitruck Accident Lawyer
  • Dirtbike Accident Lawyer
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Better communication

Our law firm strives to be approachable and friendly. We pride ourselves in our constant communication with our clients.

One on one interaction

Whether it is an in-person meeting or personal phone calls or texts, we try to make your life easier as you navigate the difficult world of legal claims.

Your needs heard

As our client, your needs are our biggest priority. We have the infrastructure in place to work around your rehabilitation, limited mobility, and complex schedule.

Utmost professionalism

As a business, we know that our personalities and professionalism are on display at all times. We have the highest standard of professionalism set for all our staff members.

About Nevada Car Accident Lawyer Group


We are a full service law firm specializing in auto vehicular accident cases. Many times, our cases end successfully with a settlement, but if and when a case arises where litigation is necessary, we are fully prepared and eager. We pride ourselves in our experience, reliability, and aggressive approach to handling car accident cases.


I'm very grateful for the dedication of the staff at NV CALG. They were patient and kind throughout the entire process and I am extremely happy with my settlement.
Lucy Giles
The Nevada Car Accident Lawyers really gave me and my wife a step up after our lives were devastated by a drunk driver
Keith Harris
I was referred by a family friend. These folks know what they're doing. They truly want to help and they know how to get results.
Ryan Freeman
I was overwhelmed by the hospital bills and fees that were adding up. On top of that I couldn't go to work for 3 months after my accident because of my hip fracture. Thanks to yall, I am back on my feet and not in debt from the bills!
Ashley Louis

Don’t wait until it is too late. Don’t give the insurance companies more information than you have to. Don’t live in fear of not being able to pay your hospital bills.